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National Coaching Award
Levels 1 - 3
From Junior Leadership, Assistant Coaches, Club Coaches and Senior Coaches, investing in and developing the role of the coach through a proper award scheme is vital for the future of any sports organisation.
Improving the quality of coaches will improve the delivery of skills and information and create opportunities for coaches to develop and improve their own coaching and performance skills.
We are proud to be able to invest in coaches and coaching at every level and to provide pathways for our members to coach to the highest standards.

Coaching Qualification


The UK Tae Kwon Do Commission agrees that a benchmark for safe coaching practice is measured against structured Occupational Standards of competence and that using rank alone as a coaching qualification is often meaningless and offers no guarantees of safe practice or quality assurance.

We offer instructors an opportunity to obtain a complete coaching package with support training that they can then deliver in their clubs at their convenience. This course was developed and underwent strict, independent, quality control evaluation against robust management systems.

        Making a difference through     investment in              coaching!

Investing in and developing a quality coach education award scheme

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