National Coaching Award
Levels 1 - 3
From Junior Leadership, Assistant Coaches, Club Coaches and Senior Coaches, investing in and developing the role of the coach through a proper award scheme is vital for the future of any sports organisation.
Improving the quality of coaches will improve the delivery of skills and information and create opportunities for coaches to develop and improve their own coaching and performance skills.
We are proud to be able to invest in coaches and coaching at every level and to provide pathways for our members to coach to the highest standards.

Coaching Qualification


The UK Tae Kwon Do Commission accepts that the benchmark for safe coaching practice is measured against officially recognised National Occupational Standards of competence and that other so-called National Governing Body, association or international instructor certification is often meaningless and offers no guarantees of safe practice or quality assurance.


As a Focus Awards Accredited Centre we have had to undergo a strict quality control evaluation process and put in place robust management systems and internal quality assurance arrangements to achieve recognised centre accredited status. (Centre No RFC025)


Focus Awards have helped us to develop a National Coaching Qualification and course materials and to identify that we possess the necessary trained and qualified staff to assess and quality assure the award scheme.


        Making a difference through     investment in              coaching!

Investing in and developing a quality coach education award scheme

It is the adopted policy of The UK Tae Kwon Do Commission that all Instructors, Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Junior Coaches be trained, assessed and certified against a comprehensive, quality assured, bespoke coach education award scheme and endorsed by an officially approved Awarding Body as registered with the Federation of Awarding Bodies(1) and recognised by SkillsActive(2)


(1) The Federation of Awarding Bodies(FAB) is a trade association that represents organisations that award vocational qualifications in the UK and liaises with key stakeholders, including regulators, government departments and funding agencies.


(2) SkillsActive is officially recognised as the Sector Skills Council (SSC*) for Active Leisure, Learning and Well-being. Active Leisure, Learning and Well-being is made up of seven sectors: including sport and fitness.