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Our Aims

Our aims are to remove barriers and prejudice between Tae Kwon Do styles that are often created by politically motivated decisions and which have prevented both unity and harmony amongst the global Tae Kwon Do Communty. Through membership of The UK Tae Kwon Do Commission, you will be able to network with like minded groups and individuals who share the aims of enjoying Tae Kwon Do in all its forms, free from restrictive practice and overbearing regulation and division.

WTF Style


Although often referred to as a style, the term WTF actually refers to the 'World Taekwondo  Federation', now simply renamed 'World Taekwondo', an organisation that largely promotes      Tae Kwon Do as a predominantly 'sport' oriented activity through regular competitions.  It is as a result of the efforts of the World Taekwondo Federation that Tae Kwon Do has been included as an Olympic sport.


However, some studies have shown that as little as 2% of Tae Kwon Do practitioners may actually be involved in competitive Tae Kwon Do with the vast majority of participants training purely for recreation and enjoyment.


The WTF sport is adapted from the form of Tae Kwon Do developed by the 'Kukkiwon' in South Korea, an international training headquarters.

ITF Style​


ITF refers to the 'International Taekwon-Do Federation' an organisation founded by General Choi, Hong Hi (1918 - 2002). Due to internal differences with the Korean government, Gen Choi took his organisation outside of Korea and this led to the major split which saw the emergence of the World Taekwondo Federation and the primary divisions that continue to exist.


Since the death of and loss of leadership by Choi, Hong Hi, the International Taekwon-Do Federation has experienced it's own internal conflicts and divisions, and there are now as many as twelve seperate groups claiming the ITF heritage, with many senior Masters and Grandmasters laying claim to General Choi's legacy.



'Kwan's' are the original groups of 9 Korean Martial Arts Schools that each practiced their individual version of Martial Arts and who later helped create what is now referred to as 'Tae Kwon Do': Chung Do Kwan - Chang Moo Kwan - Ji Do Kwan - Jung Do Kwan - Han Moo Kwan - Kang Duk Won - Moo Duk Kwan - Oh Do Kwan - Song Moo Kwan


Of these Kwan's the largest were the Chung Do Kwan and Ji Do Kwan. Many of the Kwan's still operate as global friendship societies and organisations and are attracting renewed interest as a growing number Tae Kwon Do practitioners seek to reconnect to the older heritage and traditions.


In fact many Tae Kwon Do practitioners now regard the Kwan's as 'the' legitimate authorities for development, recognition and certification of rank and less so the institutions and federations that are often more rigid and controlling.

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